The TRUTH About Trump & The Federal Reserve! – Will Powell RESIGN?


Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent breaking news that Trump is nominating Stephen Moore for the Board of Governors at the Federal Reserve.
Moore is a so-called Fed critic as he has been critical of Jerome Powell’s raising of interest rates saying that Powell should resign. The issue is, Moore isn’t anti-Fed, he’s completely in favor of complete centralization of the economy under enforced legal tender laws. He just supports a DIFFERENT brand of centralization than Jerome Powell. This so-called shakeup by Trump is nothing more than replacing the hairdo. Trump has in the past reportedly looked at replacing Jerome Powell with Herman Cain. The idea would be funny if it weren’t for the unbelievable damage the Fed does to the populace while creating vast instability and destroying the middle class.
The price of living continues to skyrocket as the Federal Reserve prints currency out of thin air.
The Fed has been raising interest rates in order to avoid negative interest rates in the next crash as much as they can. The problem is that they will not be able to avoid the inevitable. They are doing whatever they can to prolong the complete inefficiency and destruction of their system.
Stephen Moore rightly calls it out, but then demands a different form of centralization which goes to show the paradigm of “choices” we see today which is very reminiscent of government. Putting out fire with gasoline.
Presidents don’t have control over the economy to begin with. Even if they did, they shouldn’t. Individual demand should make up the economy outside of the use of force by the state via legal tender laws.
The truth might not satisfy those who are more cozy in their slumber, but the wake up call should push individuals into action by educating people enough to properly prepare themselves and be responsible.

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