The ultimate survival backpack

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by travissidelinger

Thought I’d share here. I have put together several backpacks.  This is my best one.  It’s my take everywhere backpack.  Except work, I have a different backpack for work.  And my camping backpack is separate.  If we had to run in a hurry, we would grab our camping backpacks (which are usually ready to go) and my take everywhere pack.

Here is an external shot:

Here is the pack opened up: (Ack, that picture is upside down)

And here what’s all inside:

The full list of contents: (right to left)
* Some misc maps
* Velcro patches (Empire or Rebel Alliance, use )
* Faraday bag (water tight bag for my phone)
* CR123 batteries (I have other gadgets that use CR123s not shown here)
* Paracord line
* 2 lighters
* Leatherman tool
* Fire starter stick
* Knife sharper
* Dial thermometer, plus one other thermometer on the pack zipper
* Notepad sealed in water tight bag with pen in the bag
* Sharpie marker
* Water bottle with titanium cup
* Titanium spade
* Solar panel
* Batteries: 2x CR123, 3x AA, 1x 18650
* 18650 charger/discharger (I can charge my cell phone)
* Battery nank: 4x 18650
* Universal usb converter,
* USB C cable for my phone
* Yugled flashlight (includes red light, red flashing, magnetic base)
* 700 lumen flashlight, uses 18650
* Mil-spec rain poncho (it’s heavy but work every oz)
* Extra ziplock bags
* Sawyer water purification with bag
* Ibuprofen
* Nail clipper
* Titanium knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks
* Water purification tablets
* Water purification drops
* Range finder (probably not needed here, gives 4x magnification)
* One pair of micro fleece leggings and a top
* One micro fleece hat
* Red first aid kit
* D-ring clips
* Sowing kit
* Tooth brush, paste, and floss
* Hand radios
* Sun glasses
* Emergency foil blanket
* Microfiber towel (aka inter dimensional towel)
* Pair of gloves

Here is a shot of the first aid kit:

And the first aid kit:
* Triple antibiotic
* Safely pins
* Whistle
* Tweezers
* Scissers (these ones are junk, I need to replace)
* Snake bit kit
* Quick clotting gauze
* Alcohol wipes
* Mirror
* Tape
* Nail clipper
* Rubber glove
* Gauze roll
* Ibuprofen and other options
* Mole skin (for hiking blisters)
* Steri-strips
* Lots of band aids (because kids like eat them or something)

Hopefully there are some helpful ideas here.




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