The UN ending borders of the world

This Pact makes migration a human right where every signatory nation will de facto and de jure hand over its sovereignty to the unelected and unaccountable United Nations.

Perhaps the Pact’s most glaring oversight rests in the fact that there is no mention of the term “illegal” anywhere in the document. Instead, throughout it, ‘illegals’, ‘economic migrants’ and ‘refugees’ become conflated classes all coming under one group that has a “human right” to go where they please, when they please, for whatever reason, in the most comfortable way possible. And that “migration — for any reason — is something that needs to be promoted, enabled, and protected.”

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The National Suicide Pact — which almost all UN member states will sign in Morocco come early December of this year, is divided into 23 objectives.

Here are just some of the objectives and so-called shared responsibilities of signatory nations:

First, signatory states must actively promote and enable migration to our countries. Member countries are expected to

launch and publicize a centralized and publicly accessible national website to make information available on regular migration options, such as on country-specific immigration laws and policies, visa requirements, application formalities, fees and conversion criteria, employment permit requirements, professional qualification requirements, credential assessment and equivalences, training and study opportunities, and living costs and conditions, in order to inform the decisions of migrants.
Translation: Not only are we supposed to erase our borders, but we are then expected to market our open borders to the Third World so they can decide who’s got the most gibs and where said gibs are easiest to collect. less then 40 percent

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