“The United States is a nation full of adult children of alcoholics”

Relevant bit at 5:01 but the whole video is worth a watch.

When discussing the media’s treatment of HW following his death, Jimmy Dore brings up an interesting idea regarding the psyche of our nation, the sycophantic nature of our culture and the general unwillingness to break from the official narrative of TPTB:

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“The United States is a nation full of adult children of alcoholics. One of the hallmarks of adult children of alcoholics is misplaced loyalties – you’re loyal to your abuser, just like people are loyal to the Democratic Party – and the other thing is, you shoot the messenger. You’re not mad at the person who’s abusing you, you’re actually loyal to that person. You’re mad at the person who points out that that person you’re loyal to is abusing you! That’s what we have in the United States.”

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(@ 5:01)


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