The United States Is Imploding, On The Eve Of Destruction

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The United States is gradually, but unrelentingly, destroying part of itself. The facts to support this are well-documented, told in many ways from past to present.
The most egregious example of Americide is our country’s treatment of African-Americans. Almost everyone agrees about the evils of slavery, once dismissed simply as a Peculiar Institution. But a debate goes on about reparations, with passionate arguments on both sides, ranging from a demand for a Reparations Superfund for jobs and education, to a claim that blacks actually benefited from slavery because of the years of ‘reparations’ received through poverty programs.
Reparations opponents insist that there is no clear modern connection to the era of slavery. But there is a connection, and it’s exhibited in the many profitable corporations — manufacturers, banks, insurance, railroad — that had their roots in slavery. Reparations haven’t been paid, or, if they have been extended in the form of poverty programs, they haven’t worked. Standards of living for blacks have worsened relative to whites in the past half-century. Many of the modern-day practices of our free-market capitalist system are at least partly responsible for this.
1. United States Corporations Are Partly Responsible for the Sale of Human Beings
Horace Greeley, Editor of the New York Tribune and an abolitionist, described a slave auction: “The negroes [Blacks] were examined with as little consideration as if they had been brutes indeed; the buyers pulling their mouths open to see their teeth, pinching their limbs to find how muscular they were, walking them up and down to detect any signs of lameness, making them stoop and bend in different ways that they might be certain there was no concealed rupture or wound..”
The kidnapped human beings on the auction block, 500 of them, stood nervously waiting as the buyers lit cigars and studied their log books, scanning the list of ‘chattel’ available to them, preparing to start the bidding. The facial expression of each person commodified into a slave stepping on the auction block was the same — anguish about an unknown future, despair at the thought of never again seeing their loved ones.

Corporations linked to the present day had a lot to do with these slave sales:
—-Wall Street: Banks made loans to slave owners, processed transactions through the New York Cotton Exchange, and held slave auctions outside their doors. JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wachovia (Wells Fargo) admitted the roles of their predecessor banks.
—-Manufacturing: The textile industry was so vital to northeastern states that the mayor of New York City turned against the Union, encouraging citizens to support “our aggrieved brethren of the Slave States.”
—-Insurance: Companies like Aetna and New York Life issued policies protecting slaves as property.
—-Railroad: Predecessors of the Norfolk Southern leased slaves for year-long terms of hard labor.
2. United States Corporations Are Partly Responsible for the First Vagrancy Laws
These are the Pig Laws of a century or more ago, which penalized trivial – sometimes nonexistent – offenses, in a similar manner as the Broken Windows policies employed today. A ‘vagrancy’ offense got 22-year-old Green Cottenham arrested in 1908.

3. United States Corporations Are Partly Responsible for WW2 Slave Labor
Slave labor in the Nazi years generated massive profits for many of our most prominent corporations.
—-Ford Motors: Henry Ford, who had published “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem,” was a friend of Nazi Germany. His company used prison labor to produce a third of the military trucks for the German army. Ford’s German affiliate was called an “arsenal of Nazism.”
—-General Motors worked with the German company that built Auschwitz.
—-IBM was responsible for the punch card machines that allowed the Nazis to tabulate train shipments to the death camps.
—-Numerous other companies were involved. General Electric partnered with a German company that used slave labor, and invested in the builder of gas chambers. Kodak used prison labor for the manufacture of German arms. Nestle admitted acquiring a company that used forced labor during the war.
4. United States Corporations Are Partly Responsible for Today’s Deadening Racial Oppression
They may not be the mine shafts of Tennessee Coal, but modern private prisons such as Corrections Corporation of America and G4S generate massive profits, selling inmate labor to corporations like Chevron, Bank of America, AT&T, and IBM. Nearly a million prisoners work in factories and call centers for as little as 17 cents an hour.
US Economy Will Implode, Helpless in Face of ‘Financial Pearl Harbor
Peter Schiff warns the United States will win the global currency war, but we will pay a heavy price for the “victory.”
Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and a long-time critic of the Federal Reserve, says the U.S. economy will “implode” due to the measures enacted by our government to win the war, including artificially low interest rates and multiple rounds of quantitative easing (printing money).
The reason, Schiff explains, is the current monetary policy is unsustainable. “We’re broke. We owe trillions. Look at our budget deficit, look at the debt-to-GDP (ratio), the unfunded liabilities,” Schiff added. “If we were in the eurozone, they would kick us out.”
Agreeing with Schiff’s pessimistic outlook is Marc Faber, the noted Swiss economist and investor. Faber says the United States is facing a systemic crisis, and “eventually everything will collapse.” Like Schiff, Faber also holds the Federal Reserve responsible for the country’s problems, but acknowledges that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke isn’t alone in destroying the dollar.

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20 thoughts on “The United States Is Imploding, On The Eve Of Destruction

  1. Since the US Government is THE Corporation that guides and supports all the other Corporations, They are THE major responsible party for the failure of the economy, the poison food & water, The toxic and depleted soil, the highly toxic vaccines, the industrial pollution, Nuclear waste and contamination, the Chemicals being sprayed from the skies, the massive disconnect of the politicians to constituents, the excessive allowance of dual citizen Israeli’s within the Government at all levels, the fake “War on (of) Terror, the massive movement of illegal drugs into America by the CIA and so many more that I would need a week to write down. It is the astronomical corruption of this nation that is destroying it and unless we reign in this monstrosity, it will engulf us like the hungry wolves that they are and spit you out like a rotten piece of meat.

  2. Since 2007 I have seen article after article about the implosion of the country and how terrible it will be.
    Frankly I am sick of it, if you cannot find anything positive to add to the mix of doom and despair on this site I will have to just skip it.
    I lost a job in the 2008 downturn, looked for work for a year and then went back to school and earned a degree in networking and a certificate in advanced networking. I finished and looked hard for work and got a job. It is not perfect but it is not a minimum wage job either. Slowly my wife and I are trying to put our lives back on track.
    I have made progress, slower than I like but I am willing to work hard to keep us afloat. I know others are putting in the sweat and energy to make a life out of what is available, and I applaud them for being strong and not being swayed by the doom and gloom forecasts that come every single day.
    We are the ones who when a calamity happens, we look at the pieces and start to put something together out of them. And this is exactly what must be done, pick up the pieces and move on.
    A perfect world may never happen, we are of course enslaved to some extent by the system, but the system does not sit at my dinner table, my family does. And they will be fed, clothed, sheltered and secure. How I do it will depend on the current reality we are living in, but I will waste not one minute trembling about what some useless criminal parasite is doing or might do. I will only react when it clear there is a threat to me or mine, and it will be decisive. Otherwise we are busy living our lives, they belong to us and we live them as we want. We hurt no one and we ask nothing of anyone other than room to live.
    So lets get over the doom and gloom and find something to feel a little better about. This site takes people’s motivation away with all these forecasts of disaster. No goons have come around here. If the dollar collapses so what, we do what we need to do and use what is available.

    • You are brave and strong, most are not. 100 million out of work, 50 million on some sort of gov releaf. Industry, all of it, gone beyond the big pond. So when the dollar collapses you won’t know what to do. Basically you will not be able to afford food for a start. Then, maybe when the hungry zombies start stepping on your lawn, you’ll understand what gloom and doom are all about. But good luck, hope it never happens. Just don’t think like a cowboy.

      • A bit melodramatic arent you?..and really.. 100 million out of work?…You have no concept of numbers your 50 million on some ” sort” of government assistance works tho, Baby boomers retiring and collecting SS… M Fr Nch is right, You idiots keep yelling the sky is falling.. It’s been 8 yrs and STILL no zombies…
        Take some advice…. when in danger, when in doubt, run in circles scream and shout.

  3. So finally the word “imploding” is being used to explaine the situation that has been evident for so long. Should have read “Yankee Anti Zombie Survival Manual” a book way ahead of its time; 101 ways to survive, guess what, an imploding economy. Yes, it’s going to happen on your watch, but most haven’t a clue as how to prepare. The book is free from Amazon, if member. But then, it can’t help you if you can’t read.

  4. No matter how solid the building was when it was new, if you dont maintain it, it will crumble.
    This system, is been there because of many factores/vectores, population explosion, wars help manufacturers more than us, as described above.
    But the main problem is education.
    The dumbing down of people, is stunningly aparent this days, in any deabte, incl, the Ukrainian teater, where the powers whom fuels this civil war dont even know where it is on the map, briliantly proven by a idiot in the Saudi-ameristan.
    And when someone sayes something, the MSM DONT write about, or narratives that have been hidden/locked down, and crashes with the sheeps, whom have been indoctrinated thrue decades by the MSM is capable to resite the propaganda, with stunning acuracy even decades after its been exposed as a lie, aka Afganistan/Iraq.
    Stil we have to deal with this bollocs that the sheeps recycling 24/7 as an agrument, even wurse, as a historical fact.
    And all they do is repeating whats been feed them, as they do on the school, the same methode, learning by repeating.
    Open a history book, and read about, f.ex. the Lord of piss and drones, the ajatolah of wars and famine, ObamaLama the Childslayer.
    And puke.
    WE are upagainst the largers mafia org ever existed, their scale and scope of their scams is unpressedented and so f… massive people cant comprehend its actuall f….. size.
    WE are de facto slaves.
    Ohh, you think you are free, running your vihicle down the road, huh.
    You have never been free.
    They can wack you any time they want, and WE cant do jack shitt about that and do you know why.
    Greed and Cowardness.
    Ignorance is indeed becomed a Bliss.
    Peace have never been there in the first place as long I can remeber.
    Love is becomed about f…. anything than breaths and/or moves.
    Bravery is about hailing slaughter, from a distance of course.
    A world so polarised when “muslims” is killing Christians the world howls and the rightwinged freaks screams, but when Christians is slaughtered an mass in Ukraina, the freaks hails that to, since the people attaced are sub-humans.
    You know, Goym.
    Meer catle.
    And somehow, defending your land is becomed a narrative flexied to oblivion, and is of course, not to the people that is defending them selfs from the UssA imperialsim.
    You are either with us, or against us, Qouted, from Hilarious Caligula Clintonius, a raving lunatic sett lose into this world, the same creature that refuse to book Boko Haram as a Terror org, is now screaming about “ismalic evil”.
    You may bow your head, the riochoseth is coming to you Saudi-ameristans.
    You have becomed a nation of ancle grabbers.
    WE in Europa is been wacked by an enemy within.
    But the perptratores are the same.

  5. A leftist, Ivy League hack writing under the cowardly pseudonym WorkerAnt#11…..
    “Standards of living for blacks have worsened relative to whites in the past half-century. Many of the modern-day practices of our free-market capitalist system are at least partly responsible for this.”
    Ya might ask your school for a partial refund…you weren’t educated, you were indoctrinated. Better yet, I’ll give ya a tuition-free lesson.
    Lyndon Johnson, fifty or so, years ago launched the program called the “Great Society” which begat other programs, that begat more… That, and the trillions of dollars thrown at these programs, have utterly destroyed the black family.
    As soon as they figured out that they could survive on the scraps from Mordor on the Potomac, young black men shed the responsibility of child rearing. Baby momma got Section 8, a stipend for daddy babies, free breakfast and lunch at the local school cafeteria, a SNAP card, and whatever else, from what other programs that they could find.
    From living as freemen, to living on LBJ’s democrat plantation, in fifty short years. I could give ya all the stats, figures and minutiae, but you’re bright….and I’d have to charge tuition.

  6. Tortured logic at best and outright stupidity at worst. Why not just destroy any company that your deem tainted with some connection to slavery that ended 150 years ago?

  7. This has to be the biggest pantload I’ve seen in months! LOL
    Tell you what, I think you can get a majority of people in the US to agree to a reparations superfund as long as the people receiving money from it agree to relinquish their US citizenship (why be associated with the evil white, slavers, right) and return to their motherland… never to be allowed into another Western country.
    Methinks WorkerAnt#11 would have made better use of a trip through college to have taken some history and math instead of all of those Black/Womyns/Gender/Gay Studies classes.

  8. I get tired of people playing the race card. And yes our country is headed towards a economic collapse. Lousy trade deals and the export of jobs for cheap labor and few regulations are part of the problem. We need more of a pro American thinking by our government.Not this selling out to corporations stuff we have had going on for years. If things continue like they are,Our country will be destroyed from within.

  9. “…Many of the modern-day practices of our free-market capitalist system are at least partly responsible for this…”
    Like freedom to choose what is “cooler”: The culture of the traditional two-parent family structure, a good, well-rounded education, delayed gratification and self-reliance -VS- govt welfare, single-parents, teen-pregnancy, hip-hop/thug-life, mostly dependent-upon-govt, “Glozell” culture?
    Reparations are not going to help a damn thing except sell a bunch of dope, rims, jewelry, clothes and assorted swag. Some of it may be put to good use, but the bulk won’t and everyone knows it. Personal responsibility, better life decisions and not giving a damn what your thug friends think is the *ONLY* thing that will save blacks in America going forward.

  10. Slavery? Really? Why not concern yourself with modern-day slave trade such as the Nigerian girls snatched and gone. People are held around the world against their wills now! Help them and try not to rewrite history anymore.

  11. Reparations have already been paid. It was called the Civil War and a huge amount of life and treasure was used to free the slaves. There were less than 3.9 million slaves in the USA at the end of the civil war. The cost of the war was nearly $5.589 billion for the Union side only and not counting lives lost. Roughly each slave was paid back $1,433 in 1865 money. Reparations paid.

  12. That was one of the most disjointed, unhelpful piles of feces I have read in a while. I am wondering why the web site I was visiting linked to it. That’s 4 minutes of my life I will never get back!

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