The United States of America is under ATTACK!

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by TM

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

The United States of America is under ATTACK!

And has been since this Great Nation was founded.

The attacks are endless, and only vary in form and shape.

The planned, coordinated ,destruction of the American Family is a key component to the weakening and undermining of the strength we call America. Sexual Liberation is the acid that is eating away at our bonds that hold us together, and we are about to crumble into a heap of rubble.

This current attack is the one that has the best chance of success, and the time to turn this battle around is almost gone. Sadly, and quite fearfully, dare I say, and I say this with great hesitation…all courses of diplomacy have failed.

If you know anything about warfare (and I do) then you MUST understand that when diplomacy has failed, and the only outcome is surrender; when absolutely no other options are available to peacefully regain control of the situation…violence becomes not only morally and ethically acceptable but necessary.

The question in a covert war such as this is:

Who specifically is the enemy, and who is supporting the enemy?

Our enemy is going to extremes to convince us the enemy is RUSSIA. Russia is NOT the enemy. In fact, this simple con game of misdirection actually leads us directly to the real enemy.

And the answer to who is this real enemy is almost too terrifying to contemplate.

Sure, to some extent we can get philosophical and claim the enemy is us…me and you. The enemy is Satan, or Sin. The enemy is weakness, lack of fortitude, a loss of drive, loss of religion, loss of focus, hope, and future.

Sure, that’s all true, but it is not the hard, hard answer none of us dare whisper in public. Yet, more and more, on GLP and elsewhere there are rumblings, outbursts of anger, a case being made, and in a most terrifying way, strongly resembles the world of 1939. This is bad, very, very, bad.

I need not say much more, for if you are even half awake you know precisely the danger of what I speak. But for those of you who are just waking up, coming out of your coma, finding yourself deep down the rabbit hole, playing with the Queen of Hearts…allow me to be painfully direct.

The Enemy is within, and the enemy rules the system:

1] Hollywood

2] The Media

3] The Banking System

4] The Legal/Judicial System

5] The Medical Establishment

6] Elementary – College Education

7] All Entertainment and Publishing

8] Politics

9] International Affairs

10] Dual Citizenship

If you cannot connect the dots, then just wait, because the dots will connect for you. If what I wrote was not clear as day, then just wait, for the darkness will descend upon you.

This is not about a certain people, race, orientation nor religion. It is about a criminal gang, determined to rule the world. It is most commonly called the New World Order, and it is here-and-now.

And what is coming in the very near future is the planned destruction of the United States of America, for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes, and Washington D.C. to be destroyed and replaced by Denver, Colorado. If that should happen; it’s game over.

And you think this is simply about sexual immorality? Oh it is. And so much more. You know who’s in power? Those whom you dare not speak of. How much more fucking clear can I be.

This sexual immorality of the U.S.A. has a Genesis, and a Revelation…..

This is not going to end well.
For anybody.



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