Stumbling into World War 3: The US and Germany Agree to Send Battle Tanks to Ukraine

by Chris Black

Basically, this is the official entry of Poland and the United States of Retardation into the war.

If you think Ukrainians will be driving these things around then I have a bridge over to Crimea to sell you.

The only way for these tanks to be used effectively is with NATO tank crews.  You don’t just hand over the keys to a tank and say have at it.

It takes months if not years to learn how to operate and be combat effective.

And for the M1 Abrams that means 4 crew members, the tank commander being the most experienced.  And tanks require constant maintenance, especially the Abrams, so that means training repair crews and parts.

Reading between the lines what these Deep State swamp creatures are saying is that NATO tank crews will roll into battle against Russia.

And that means World War Three.

Starting to get the picture?  Are you OK with that?

Imagine German and American tanks on the steppe of Ukraine attacking Russians…

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Scholz greenlighted  tank transfers from other countries and Germany also is sending tanks to the Ukraine.

This is a huge virtue signal.

Of course it might help a little bit, but tanks don’t make a difference in this war.

When is the last time you’ve even seen tanks doing anything from either side?

Not since the summer.

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I know how this ends.

Seriously, does the west never think of consequences?

The tribe ruling the Western “democracies” won’t be satisfied until the nukes are flying.


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