The US is projected to run a $14,523,000,000,000 deficit until 2031… which will add 50% to current government debt… all to be monetized by the Fed

by silvertomars


Fed survey shows Fed is correct…

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  • A New York Fed survey showed that respondents in July expected inflation to run at a 6.2% pace over the next year and a 3.2% rate for the next three years.
  • That marks a big drop-off from the respective 6.8% and 3.6% results from the June survey.
  • Expectations for food increases fell at the fastest rate in survey history and the second-fastest for gasoline prices.

Mohamed El-Erian warns the Fed will cause ‘collateral damage’ with its sluggish response to high inflation

  • Top economist Mohamed El-Erian has warned that the Federal Reserve is undermining its credibility.
  • He believes that the Fed’s sluggish response to high inflation could cause ‘collateral damage’.
  • “The Fed has been so late in responding… its forward guidance right now is almost meaningless,” El-Erian said.

Fed isn’t tightening even close to the rate it announced


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