The US Now has a Problem on Two Borders!

by Mark Angelides

While we have all been watching the southern border and wondering when the wall will finally be built, we have ignored a growing issue with our northern neighbors. As ISIS teams up with Latin American drug cartels to create one of the deadliest threats to US security, we have failed to notice that Trudeau’s government is dealing with returning Jihadists by teaching them poetry and letting them wander free.
As ISIS have begun to lose major ground in Iraq and Syria, they (and Hezbolah and Boko Haram) have joined up with the drug cartels as a way of funding their operations, recruiting new fighters and, as a plus for them, further destabilize the US by flooding it with drugs, weapons, and dangerous people.
Representative Robert Pittenger, who is the chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare (R-NC), put out a press release stating that “The combination of radical Islamic terrorists and violent drug lords is a serious threat to national security,” he also suggested that recruitment was one of the primary motivators in the alliance.
And then we cast out eyes northwards and see that Canada’s government is singularly failing to deal properly with people who have left Canada, gone to fight for terrorist organizations, and have since returned. Conservative opposition leader, Andrew Scheer lambasted PM Trudeau for his soft-touch approach. He said:
“This prime minister is using a broad spectrum that includes poetry and podcasts and all kinds of counselling and group hug sessions. Mr. Speaker, when will the prime minister take the security of Canadians seriously and look for ways to put these ISIS fighters in jail?”
Trudeau responded by attacking the party’s electoral performance: “They ran an election on snitch lines against Muslims. They ran an election on Islamophobia and division. And still they play the same games trying to scare Canadians. The fact is, we focus on the security of Canadians and we always will. And they play politics of fear. And Canadians reject that.”
But as Sheer pointed out quite effectively, when people went to the polls, they didn’t know that the government they voted for would put terrorist’s rights ahead of the safety and security of its own citizens.
But this isn’t just a problem for Canada. Canada is, after all, merely the northern neighbor of “The Great Satan.” It has never been difficult to cross the US – Canadian border, who can say if these returning Jihadi fighters are planning on sticking around in the land of Maple Syrup, or if they are, in fact, looking at targets further south?