“The View” Talk Show Cuts Off After Mueller’s Witness Drops Bombshell Clearing Trump!

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by Thinker

Joy Behar’s shocked show cuts off after Mueller’s witness drops bombshell clearing Trump. George Papadopoulos appeared on The View, and Joy Behar was jumping with excitement, thinking he would shed light on how Mueller will get Trump impeached. Then, it all went wrong as Papadopoulos cleared Trump with bombshell evidence, and a shocked Behar lost it as the show was cut off. Joy asked George, “You never told anyone at the Trump campaign about the emails? Is that what you are saying?!” Papadopoulos answered, “Yeah, I have no recollection of doing it…”

Which at that point, snarky Sunny Hostin ru.dely cuts him off saying, “Not having any recollection of not doing it and not doing it are two different things.” Joy can be heard chuckling, all of them totally clueless of what is to come. George says, “Let’s not forget I was living in London at the time. I wasn’t in some sort of headquarters…” Again Sunny Hostin cuts him off sarcastically saying, “But that doesn’t affect your memory.” Now, Joy’s excited to get the Trump dirt that she is positive is coming. She tells George, “Quickly, we are running out of time.”

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The truth is they had an entire second segment coming up with George and his wife.

Remember, the topic is Hillary’s emails and the shrews on The View are sure Papadopolous somehow is the link who got those emails to the Trump campaign. They think the emails are the smoking gun proving Trump colluded with Russia.

Those who have everything to lose and could be exposed as possible pedophiles are the only ones speaking out against Trump transparency and investigations. Pay close attention to those individuals and organizations that attack the sitting U.S. president. They have the most to hide, so start digging and see what you find, the “TRUTH” will tell with research and time.

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‘Anti-Trump’ Oscars were a ratings disaster; conservatives are delighted – No Mention About the Pedo Problem in Hollywood….silence while the children cry…why???

The 90th Academy Awards show was two things: an evening of pointed political statements and a telecast with record-low Oscars viewership. And many on the right have been quick to claim that those things went hand in hand, though the critic-in-chief blamed a lack of star power. “Sad,” tweeted the conservative actor James Woods. “How can Hollywood stop itself from alienating its audience?”

“The American people are no longer interested in Hollywood pontificating about their liberal politics,” pro-Trump radio host Bill Mitchell said. The dismal ratings for the ABC broadcast were a hot topic on Fox News, discussed at the top of the hour on Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s evening shows Monday, and again on Tuesday’s edition of “Fox & Friends.”

Sad. How can Hollywood stop itself from:


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