The War in Ukraine Will Be Over Soon

by Chris Black

Personal speculative note:

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is a sense that it’s over, that a turning point has been passed.

The sudden insanity that is spewing out of the media controlled by the Zelensky regime makes me think that they know that they have lost, that it’s over. I have a feeling that, even though Zelensky is about to give a speech to the American Congress, his regime already knows that NATO will not join the war.

That’s why the masks are coming off on Ukraine television. They are venting out their hatred and insanity now because they don’t have to hold it in for the sake of appearances anymore.

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This is purely speculative on my part. But it’s the feeling I have: that the high water mark is behind us — and that the war in Ukraine is winding down. It’s not over, not by at least a few weeks — but the result is inevitable, and the war will not widen.

At least I pray to God that it does not widen.

American soldiers are so used to inflicting airstrikes that completely annihilate a target, and then the soldiers just waltzing in to mop up, that when they are faced with actual warfare, they start quaking.

Listen to the fear in this dude‘s voice!

I mean listen to this guy!


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