The Week That Grim Coronavirus Data And Bad Economic Data Mix And Spark The Collapse

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SD Outlook: This week, people will likely come to terms with the stark reality of facing economic collapse along with the collapse of US healthcare…

Is this the week that US healthcare collapses?

I keep seeing images of tents and whatnots being erected outside of major hospitals around the nation.

The stark reality is that Americans, in general, in my opinion, are much less healthy than people of other nations, developed or otherwise, and I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to say Americans are generally unhealthy, at least that’s what I see when I’m out-and-about, which admittedly I haven’t been in some weeks.

Therefore, if Americans, on average, need more medical resources available to them when they get ill, or injured, or whatever, then just how long is the healthcare system going to hold up when we have a raging epidemic ripping through the nation with a peak that’s weeks if not months from now?

Said differently, the US healthcare system is already handicapped by a more generally unhealthy patient, so we’re already behind the curve as far as being able to deal with coronavirus.

Now, mix in healthcare worker attrition, be it brought on by sickness, quarantine, death, mental breakdown, walking away, or myriad reasons.

In other words, we’re already off to a bad start, but what makes matters worse is that between a healthcare system that can’t handle the developing crisis anyway to a healthcare system that is uber-expensive, financially complex and the direct result of many ruined lives, now is the perfect time for the federal government to swoop in and nationalize the entire healthcare industry in the US.

Not to worry about the elite private medical care stuff – it’s a buddy-buddy system in the United States, so contracts will be friendly and exceptions will be made!

For everybody else, well, unless you can afford the elite private medical care stuff, then just hope you don’t die in the waiting room.

This is the week the bad data starts rolling in!

We get a bunch of data releases this week, and on Friday, we get the March 2020 Employment Situation Report, commonly called the jobs report.

Needless to say, the collapse of healthcare is being met with the stark reality of economic collapse, and we’ll get the sour taste of that in the jobs report.

No matter what happens this week, there are no good fundamentals for the stock market:

I’d be looking for the market to rollover here, but then again, I’m not a market rigger on the inside, so I wouldn’t know what they will attempt.

The VIX is primed for a break-out or a break-down:

If bad news is bad news again, we could see volatility kick-in as market participants sell last week’s ferocious rally.

That would give the market riggers the narrative needed to cover of the flight-to-safety into the US bond market:

Naturally, of course, with so many Treasury’s being whipped-up so Trump can give everybody in America a unicorn and a rainbow, the increased selling would push interest rates up, not down, but we live in a world where markets are not natural, so enjoy the unicorn and rainbow, and the ultra-low interest rates.

That is, until the bond market blows-up.

And to think – since I never saw Trump’s celebrity cooking show, or those other shows he was on, and I never really new how good of an “actor” he was as in 2016 I was only really seeing him for the first time, so yeah, I actually believed Trump in 2016 when he said he was going to make government smaller and do all of the pro-liberty things he said he would do.

Geez, what an idiot I was for thinking there was hope for our totally evil and corrupt political system in the US.

But I digress.

Enjoy the relatively strong dollar while you can:

Whether the value of the dollar rises or falls is moot.

It’s moot because there have been too many dollars printed, and now we’re all having to deal with a global supply shock, meaning there are too many dollars chasing fewer and fewer goods, which is exactly why the dollar might be strengthening, but the cost of goods is rising at the same time.

This, in part, is the reason they want people invested in financial products generally, and in the US stock market and bond market specifically.

I’ve been saying for some time, there’s only so much crude oil that can be stored:

Personally, my family has used less than a gallon of gasoline in the last 2.5 weeks.

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Copper is much easier to store than crude oil:

Which is why I think copper will be stacked as a hedge as the world’s reserve currency hyper-inflates away into the dustbin of fiat currency history.

Platinum may be showing signs that the flight to safety bid is on:

The chartists out there, however, are looking at platinum’s death cross and looking for a rollover.

I’m sure people are out there saying that palladium is ‘consolidating’ around its 50-day moving average:

I’m just not so sure we’re at the point of being able to use charts again.

The paper gold-to-silver ratio remains nailed-down to 115:

I think it’s silver that closes the gap, not gold, but even if the gap were somehow to widen from here, good luck trying to find any physical silver anywhere near that paper price.

Gold has been bid, will remain bid, and right now gold’s price on paper is around the $1650 mark:

If this global pandemic is teaching the people one thing, it’s teaching people the importance of being prepared, and if being prepared also means being prepared financially, it’s safe to say that some will learn the truth about what it means to be financially prepared.

Translation: Even after this pandemic peaks and a sense of “normalcy” begins to return, gold (and silver) will still be bid as people look to better financially prepare themselves for the future.

And then there was silver:


Bottom line as we find ourselves here these beautiful last days of March?

This looks to be the week that the US healthcare system collapses.

I think will people finally come to terms with this grim reality.

Additionally, they’ll be hit with bad news on the economy.

The riggers move markets, but can’t shape reality.

Once reality kicks-in, the real panic begins.

The panic will spill into the streets.

Google Et. Al will try to censor.

People must try harder.

Adapt to this new.

Brutal reality.

Adapt or?




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar




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