The White House thought it had an agreement with the Saudis not to cut oil production until AFTER the midterms. Just as Biden threatened Ukraine with retribution he is now threatening to slow-roll military aid to the Kingdom – one of America’s longest standing allies. Impeachable?


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The Biden administration has discussed slow-rolling military aid to Saudi Arabia, including shipments of advanced Patriot missiles, to punish the kingdom for leading OPEC’s decision to cut oil production, say two U.S. officials and a source familiar with the discussions.

Some military officials support the idea, said the sources, but others want to make sure the military relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia is kept separate from any retribution by the administration.

The Saudis have a contract for 300 Patriot 104-E guided ballistic missiles (GEM-T) that are used in Patriot air and missile defense systems, a critical capability for the Saudis, who face a persistent threat of missiles and drones fired from Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Saudis have the Patriot launch systems but need a re-supply of the missiles to intercept incoming threats.



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