The Whole Hunter Biden Extravaganza is a Distraction

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by Chris Black

The media is trying to distract people with all of this sex and drugs stuff, when what really matters is Joe Biden using Hunter as a pawn in his pay-to-play game in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

 That’s what actually matters. 

Hunter Biden filming himself smoking crack with hookers every day is funny and kino, but it is not politically relevant to anything.


Content purportedly pulled off Hunter Biden’s iPhone began appearing on the 4chan image board over the weekend. Denizens of the notorious online community claimed to have cracked the password the US president’s son used for his iCloud backup account. The authenticity of the salacious content has not yet been verified.


If Hunter is still running around with hookers on crack binges, while Joe is president, that is pretty funny. They acted like he’d married that Jewish woman, got new teeth, and was going to settle down into a quiet life of painting.

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This isn’t really even important, but it’s funny.

Joe Biden was asked about the crack weighing video at an event Monday.

This isn’t an important political discussion, unless there is some kind of context of “where is he getting the money?” and so on. Most important are the proofs of direct connection to Joe.

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But Republicans get all caught up in this sex video stuff.

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