The whole of the official US & UK Foreign Policy narrative is a complete fabrication and lie. The politicians and the media have to tell major lies to keep the False Narrative going

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You shouldn’t take anything any politician says at face value. You should research what the actual evidence is.
ALL Western Establishment politicians have an unbridled track record of brazenly and outrageously lying, particularly over the last 25 years. See Iraq 2003 for an excellent example.
The West has a very long history of staging False Flag attacks and going to war based on nothing but lies and the Establishment media have wholeheartedly supported it for over one hundred years.

The whole official US/UK Foreign Policy narrative of “benevolent intervention”, being the “World’s Policeman” and the “International Community” is a complete fabrication. US & UK Foreign Policy is conducted to benefit the major corporations and Oligarchs that have bought and own the government – major banks, arms companies, oil companies, Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.

The Western politicians (and their Establishment media sycophants and puppets) have to tell major lies to keep their false narrative believed by the majority of their populations.

A flow chart of the ACTUAL amoral US & UK Foreign Policy

Example of US False Flags and lies to go to war since 1898:-
USS Maine Spanish-American War 1898, WW1 (Baghdad-Berlin railway, Lusitania), WW2 (Pearl Harbor), Korea, Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin), Kuwait 1991 (Incubator babies, Saddam’s refusal to do an oil for weapons deal), Afghanistan 2001 (real reasons – opium production & Caspian oil pipeline), Saddam 2003 (WMDs), Libya 2011 (Gaddafi was not attacking civilians), Syria 2011 (US & UK organized invasion of foreign Jihadis who the US, Saudi & Qatar armed).

For more info on the real reasons the US & UK Neocons are fighting a war in Syria – read this:-
The US & UK started a war against Russia in a futile attempt to protect the Petrodollar and to try and make Russia a puppet of the Neocon Globalist Establishment instead of a Sovereign country.
But the stupid Neocons have only hastened the end of American hegemony with even more debt, pushed Russia and China into being joined at the hip partners, and accelerated Chinese and Russian plans to replace the dollar as the Global Reserve currency.
The “Wolfowitz Doctrine” from 1992 of controlling the entire Eurasian land mass (which the Western Globalists destroyed by actively helping China’s exponential economic growth) and the Neocon plan for “Full Spectrum Dominance” across the entire world, were always absurd.
The details of the Geopolitics are in here:-

N.B. Gaddafi dropped the dollar in 2006.
Assad has never been part of the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve and BIS Central Bank system.
Syria has had an independent Central Bank for decades.
Bush started taking active measures to Regime Change Assad in 2005.
The lies currently being told about the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria
We know that the US, UK, Saudi & Turkey backed al-Qaeda supporting Jihadis have used Sarin gas before (and chlorine). Their biggest attack was in Ghouta, Damascus in 2013, which Obama and Kerry outrageously lied about to falsely blame Assad. We also know that al-Nusra have made Sarin gas in Turkey before and delivered it to the terrorists in Northern Syria.
ALL of the evidence on the recent events supports the Russian narrative of Jihadi owned chemical weapons being released and NONE of it supports Trump or the Neocon narrative of Assad suddenly going insane and using chemical weapons to turn imminent victory into possible defeat.
I compiled a number of articles with the best of the evidence in here:-
US Intel 100% knows that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons, so what’s Trump’s game?

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  1. They have told so many lies for so long that they have lost track of what the truth is. “The good thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything”–Mark Twain. They have made our recent history of the last 54 years into a tangle of lies, conspiracies, cover-ups, coup de etats, assassinations and everything else that characterizes a criminal, predatory, aggressive, deep state government.

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