The WHO’s, CDC’s and FDA’s Vaccine Boondoggle

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This article alleges that criminal malfeasance isn’t the exception, rather it’s the norm in the culture at the WHO, CDC and FDA. These agencies, while perhaps they were once well-meaning, have been completely taken over by corrupt business interests that care far more about profits than human health.

For example, concerning avian flu:

Specialists are currently challenging WHO for turning a veterinary issue into a medical one and thereby preventing national agencies from taking appropriate measures concerning animals, which probably would have been far more efficient in limiting the spread of epidemics. Additionally, the figures concerning fatalities related to influenza vaccination, together with the problem of underreporting, suggest that up until now, irresponsible influenza vaccination has killed far more people than avian influenza.

Also, administering the Hep B vaccine at birth is criminally irresponsible:

In February 2004 I read correspondence from an Indian colleague on the fallacies of the data disseminated by WHO about the epidemiology of hepatitis B in his country. Although not well informed about the health situation in India, I was struck by the fact that the mechanisms of the deception as described in this letter (lack of references, inappropriate extrapolations, and gross exaggerations) were exactly comparable to those I observed in my own country. The results were also the same: a plea of “experts” to include hepatitis B vaccination in the national vaccination program, in spite of its cost and its unprecedented toxicity. There are stunning fallacies underlying this plea for universal vaccination.

Hep B vaccine is given to newborn infants as young as one hour old or within 24 hours of birth! Inoculating a neonate with such toxins as found in Hep B vaccines should be considered nothing short of child abuse and criminally prosecuted. That vaccine is NOT even applicable since Hep B is contracted by unprotected sexual activity and by using dirty/contaminated/shared recreational drug needles. A newborn certainly won’t be a candidate for either activity for at least 15 years! So why give the Hepatitis B vaccine on the very first day of life and then several times again in the CDC vaccine schedule?

The article concludes:

It would seem there are deliberate hidden influences and motives at play regarding vaccines, Big Pharma, the CDC and FDA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI and the WHO.

Where are the whistleblowers?


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