The Wikipedia article about opinion polls regarding who the public believes is responsible for 9/11, the words “Saudi Arabia” do not appear even one time

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by chudslayer

Anyone else thinks that’s a bit weird?

The mainstream narrative is that Al Qaeda is responsible, and Al Qaeda appears as an option in the poll.

While there is a massive amount publicly available evidence clearly pointing to Saudi Arabia’s involvement, the government and media refuse to acknowledge it, and insist that it was Al Qaeda. The FBI refuse to declassify documents that are highly suspected to conclusively prove that the Saudi Arabian government directly funded 9/11. Therefore, by the MSM’s standards, it is a “conspiracy theory”.

Furthermore, here is definitive proof that the MSM considers Saudi involvement to be a “conspiracy theory”:

Tulsi Gabbard held a press conference with families of 9/11 victims who are demanding that the government declassify all documents related to Saudi involvement in the attacks. Here are some examples of headlines from the MSM about this event:

• Huffington Post: Tulsi Gabbard Floats 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

• NY Post: Tulsi Gabbard pushes Saudi Arabia 9/11 coverup theory

• Salon: As her presidential campaign sputters, Tulsi Gabbard pushes a 9/11 conspiracy theory



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