The Will Smith and Chris Rock fiasco is scripted. To socially engineer society to no longer tolerate jokes.

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by SusanCollinsHere

What that whole fiasco is intended to do, is socially engineer society to not tolerate jokes.


To crack down on free speech. Jokes have been tolerated for centuries as a form of free speech. It’s through jokes that even some offensive things have been allowed to be said, because it’s intended to be funny and not a serious statement.

But this fiasco wants people to not tolerate jokes anymore as a form of free speech.

Because if you don’t tolerate jokes, you won’t tolerate a lot of things when it comes to people’s free speech.

Let’s say you tell a transgender person, “I personally don’t believe men can be women, it’s not biology.” And you get a fist to the face.

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Or “It’s they/them? Huh, that doesn’t make sense.” And you get a fist to the face.

This is just a slippery slope down the eradication of free speech, and acceptance of hate speech laws designed to strip people of their right.

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