The World Has Been at War With the Devil That Calls Itself The Red Shield (Rothschild) for Centuries

by Chris Black

There has always been a war between secret societies, which are really religious fanatics attempting to force their beliefs as the world standard.

The Orange Order established the Bank of England with the backing of the Rothschilds.

If you know anything of real history, you know the Rothschilds bankrolled WWI and were behind the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand.

Being Roman Catholic, he was a sworn enemy of The Orange Order.

The conflict was used to set up a new world order.

Hitler rose to power in order to fight the Rothschild empire.

The new House of Windsor was actually aligned with this. Churchill sided with The Bank of England and stopped a potential peace with Germany and an end to the war before it escalated.

The USA even had its own mini revolution against The Red Shield.

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He too was a Catholic that was assassinated in what was a ritual sacrifice, with the Bush family and their Rothschild allies behind it all.

It really is Game of Thrones.

We are all just pawns on a chessboard to be sacrificed.

By the way, this is how both world wars started: there was a seemingly isolated military conflict somewhere in Europe – first Serbia and then Poland – which spun out of control due to obligations that resulted from alliances.

Today, sides have already been drawn up, with Russia having allied with China.

The US is threatening China, but also threatening smaller Russian allies like Serbia.

However, some notable states have not totally chosen a side yet, including India and Saudi Arabia.

Their decisions are going to be important.

It’s going to be an interesting few years.


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