The WORST Week For Democrats In 47 YEARS!

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by Natura Naturans


Just the headlines, go to the link for details:

Let us count the ways…

1. The Fake News Media Is the Only Shrinking Institution in America’s Booming Economy

2. Democrats Lost “The Sane One” Joe Biden

3. Democrats Handed the 4th of July to Trump

4. Democrats Came Out Against the American Flag

5. Democrats are Campaigning for Votes in … Mexico

6. Democrat Presidential Candidates are Documented Extremists

7. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

8. Stock Market Go Boom

9. Cherokee Warren and Kamala ‘Forced Busing’ Harris Are Now Presidential Frontrunners

he old saying is This is not your father’s Democrat Party.

Hell, Barry Obama looks like Barry Goldwater compared to these power-hungry, freedom-hating, America-loathing woketards who hate us so much, they are making foreigners and illegal aliens a priority over American citizens and legal immigrants.…-47-years/


Breitbart forgot to mention a few Democrat policies that will kill their chances at election time.

Abortion up to birth, that is in the Democrat plank now, and killing those children that survive abortion.

Open borders, let them ALL come in, only 3 BILLION poor people out there, let’s have a big Democrat PARTY!

Take all our guns. Even Biden wants gun confiscation.

Socialism on steroids. Pay off the student debt, give everyone a guaranteed income. And to pay for it:

RAISE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS(I didn’t even know there was a middle class left after NAFTA and all the companies manufacturing overseas)

Do the Democrats think this rush into communism will fly with the American voters?


Julian Castro Latest Idiot Democrat to Praise Nike, Compares Betsy Ross Flag to Confederate Flag… Has NO IDEA She Was an Abolitionist

Democrat presidential contender Julian Castro was the latest Democrat to praise Nike for banning the American Betsy Ross flag for the 4th of July.
Nike thinks it’s racist.

Nike is a US company that makes millions off of slave labor.

Julian Castro obviously has NO IDEA that Betsy Ross was a Quaker and an abolitionist… She lived in Philadelphia where slavery was illegal. Quakers were against slavery and protested against slavery. And Ross never owned slaves.…litionist/


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