The Youtube Purge Has Begun

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by axolotl_peyotl

#youtubeisoverparty trends after Youtube begins retroactively removing videos. IdubbbzTV’s “Content Cop” is among the first to fall, as many creators watch stunned as the platform is eviscerated.

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Many people predicted that the censorship would be ramped up with the latest iteration of youtube’s arbitrary rules, but not many realized that it would be so swift and dramatic.

Yesterday, a video with over 10,000,000 views was straight up removed from the platform by youtube. The video was IdubbbzTV’s “Content Cop” on the content creator Leafy.

Youtube determined that the video is bullying, likely due to idubbbz’s comment that Leafy “has no chin” (he doesn’t).

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Is this what we’ve come to?

This is a message being sent by the Youtube corporation.

They are signalling the death of “You”tube.

This is now CorporateTube. Late night shows will be propped up, even if they have the same “abusive” and “bullying” content as creators like idubbz.

They are now propping up CNN and Fox News instead of legitimate news organizations and individuals sharing the news.

If you are defending Youtube at this point, you are contributing to the death of a free humanity, and I don’t say that lightly.


If you’re a content creator and you aren’t on bitchute, DO IT.

If you’re a content consumer and you aren’t on bitchute, DO IT.


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