Theory: The US has primarily has been in control of or had significant influence and power in Ukraine since 1999 and provoked the recent Russian attack for years to destroy their biggest enemy ‘Russia’ without US military action.

by TrypZdubstep

Disclaimer: F*ck Putin. This does NOT justify ANYTHING Russia has done and all of this is completely inhumane and horrifying. This is a theory on the US provoking this to happen to gain power over one of their greatest enemies, and it’s working.

Been putting pieces together recently and came up with an interesting theory. Anything that disproves this or supports this I would love to see.

• The US recognized Ukraine as an Independent country in 1991.

• US upgraded their Consulate in Kyiv to an Embassy in 1992.

• Between 1999-2014 Ukraine Donations to the Clinton Foundation reached over $10Million

• 2008-2016 Obama/Biden Administration in US Office.

• February 2009 the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea sent a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine in which it stated that it deemed it inexpedient to open a representative office of the United States in Crimea and it urged the Ukrainian leadership to give up this idea.

This was passed with a vote of 77-9 .

• February 2014 1st Acting President in Ukraine history is put in office Oleksandr Turchynov.

• February 2014 the Russo-Ukrainian war begins, Ukrainian forces bomb eastern Ukraine from 2014-Present where Russian speaking Ukrainians primarily live.

“I watched a documentary on this YEARS AGO filmed in the eastern region of Ukraine. They interviewed countless Ukrainians all over the region, as well as footage of Ukrainians burning down a building where Ukrainian citizens who spoke Russian were fearing for their lives, it was absolutely horrifying I’ll see if I can find it” Found It!

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• the U.S. provided Ukraine with US $1.5 billion in military aid from 2014 to 2019. In 2021, The Sunday Times reported that the amount of military aid given was US$2.5 billion.

• According to documents uncovered during the United States diplomatic cables leak, American diplomats defend Ukrainian sovereignty in meetings with other diplomats.

• During these times mainstream US media “Including the NY Times” released articles & information on the ‘Neo-Nazi’ issue in Ukraine, which is now 100% ignored by Mainstream media.

• Russia is aggravated by the bombing of once Russian citizens and advances the conflict past the border and into Ukraine.

• Russia tells their troops this is a liberation operation “this is why we see the mass confusion from early invading Russian forces when they see Ukrainians not wanting them there”

• The west plays the invasion off as completely unprovoked.

Vast majority of western countries sanction Russia severely and cripple them.

The west now has full control over worldwide free media easily pushing our side of the story and leaving out important details to further the hatred towards russia.

Their military is in rough shape as well as their economy and world standing

We are currently taking down a nuclear power and removing them from the world stage without even directly attacking them.


Update: Found an upload of the Documentary I mentioned


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