There is real and violent hatred shown to black conservatives.

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Black Conservatives Booted from Uber for MAGA Hats Won’t Be Silenced

Matthew Handy and Adria Barrington discovered it is not always easy to be a black conservative who supports President Donald Trump in Washington, DC.
Handy and Barrington were part of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives’ summer intern program. The program, which just wrapped up last week, affords young, black conservatives the opportunity to work with like-minded members of Congress and at conservative think tanks in the nation’s capital.

Handy, 20, hails for Hopkinsville, Kentucky where he is a student at Hopkinsville Community College. He was an intern for Rep. Mike Boss (R-Ill).

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Barrington, 33, had a career as a correctional officer in Florida before turning to politics and worked in Rep. David Schweikert’s (R-AZ) Capitol Hill office.



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