There is something really wrong with this election

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Follow me here. The numbers do not add up….

This is through history registered voters in the US.

You can see it go up and down, but if you watch here there is about 85% registered voters, that actually votes in election. This bellow is 2016.

That means that registered voters 2020 must have been around
180 million to come close to the numbers votes casted for Biden and Trump….If you go back in time, take Obama in 2016 the total votes was around 127 million votes.

Something is so wrong. Numbers do not add up. It feels like there is so many votes added that it blows your mind.
Just go back in history and check it yourself. This election is a total fraud. Basement Biden got almost 82 million votes. COME ON MAN

This is enough evidence you need. Anyone who can debunk these numbers is really good.

And another thing. If Trump do not act the elite politicians can do this in the future. Why do you think both democrats and republicans are against him? Because the are in the deep state pocket.
THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT, or the people votes in the future does not matter.

This is the last time we are going to have a man for the people in the White House. If he goes IT IS OVER, TRUST ME



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