There’s a narrative at play? you don’t say…

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by newaccttrial

No one is bothering to explain they “why” part of this. And no one is asking the right questions.

March 1, 2022 – Video: Russian Ministry Of Defense: “We Are Conducting A Military Operation To Protect Russia Against The Threat Created By The West Which Is Using The Ukrainian People To Fight Its Battles, We Will Not Occupy The Country, We Only Target Military Sites” -(Turn On English Subtitles)

Kinda goes against the corrupt western media narrative doesn’t it? Meanwhile the entire western media and social media is conducting a propaganda and censorship campaign that makes the former Soviet Union look amateur in comparison, and supporting real Nazis in Ukraine who have killed over 15,000 innocent ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians. Up is down and down is up in the totalitarian, draconian western world in the 21st century.

See also  RFK Jr. warns: “There is no time in history where the people censoring speech were the good guys”

Make sure to turn on English subtitles…

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