There’s a reason Trumps’ approval is rising; his opponents don’t look like an organized foe but rather a bunch of infighting warlords

Ilhan Omars’ Remarks Deepening the Democratic Party Schism at the Worst Possible Time

House Democrats erupted in fury Wednesday, challenging leaders over indirectly sanctioning freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar for alleged anti-Semitic remarks amid an outcry over party inaction to President Trump’s divisive comments on race.
In a closed-door session, Democrats protested plans to vote this week on a resolution condemning religious hatred, a measure prompted by Omar’s comments last week suggesting supporters of Israel have “allegiance to a foreign country.”
The remarks have exploded into a larger debate over how Congress should respond to individual racial and religious grievances. It also touched off Democratic concerns that the splintering was overshadowing the newfound majority’s agenda, with Republicans seeking to capi­tal­ize politically on the divide.

Sarah Sanders Goes Beast Mode: “The Democrats Aren’t Delivering Anything”

As the Democrats build up a crowded candidate list for 2020, they all have adopted one theme. “orange man bad,” and “impeach Trump.” Listening to their campaign summaries, it is easy to conclude that they have nothing else to run on.

Interestingly, the White House late Monday blasted House Democrats’ probe of President Trump’s business dealings and lifestyle as “disgraceful and abusive,” saying political rivals have dug up old claims because they fear special counsel Robert Mueller won’t deliver the damaging goods they desire.

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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released her official statement on Twitter:


This, however, proves that the Democrats are seeking to find any dirt they can on Trump. Some would even go as far as to say they will even “make things up.” However, this is something that the Democrats do on a daily basis.

Earlier this week, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called out the House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler. Sanders said that Nadler who would oversee any impeachment hearings, and his decision to request documents from dozens of Mr. Trump’s former and current associates and even family members are “shameful.”


“Chairman Nadler and his fellow Democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two-year false narrative of ‘Russia collusion’ is crumbling,” Sanders concluded.

A fishing expedition is another way of saying that the Democrats are simply fishing for anything that will bring headlines.


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