These people aren’t standing up for good government, they are assisting in a coverup

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Anti-Barr polemics dwell on the parade of horribles that might come from his tenure at Justice, without pausing to consider that a norm-busting violation of the rules targeting a politically inconvenient individual already occurred — it was the abusive FISA surveillance of former Trump campaign official Carter Page.

The supposed institutionalists and civil libertarians who are piling on Barr are more outraged that the attorney general wants to get to the bottom of this abuse — and related 2016 investigatory overreach — than by the abuse itself.

It’s no wonder that Barr has a poorly disguised contempt for his critics, many of whom are so inflamed by their opposition to Trump that they’ve lost any sense of standards.

I repeat, these people aren’t standing up for good government, they are assisting in a coverup.

Also, the idea that a president shouldn’t be involved in these decisions is anti-constitutional. The excecutive power — all of it — is vested in the president by Article II of the Constitution. The rules of custom and etiquette that have grown up to the effect that presidents should stay at arms length may be a good idea — or not — but they have nothing to do with the Constitution and to the extent they purport to limit the president are actually in contradiction to the constitution.


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