These Three Things Could Spark a Year-End Rally

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On this week’s Stansberry Investors Marketcast, John Gillin and Greg Diamond discuss last week’s “brutal” markets. All the major indices suffered big losses, and bear markets are popping up everywhere. As John explains, 40% of S&P 500 companies are now in bear market territory, falling 20% from their highs.
John and Greg go over last week’s economic data, and John explains why earnings and U.S. GDP are still painting a pretty good picture of the U.S. economy. Greg explains why a second round of tax cuts could become a short-term catalyst and could help relieve some of the trade hurt.
John lists some problem areas around the markets, and he and Greg explain why semiconductors look so weak. Greg calls semis a “dumpster fire,” and says that the sector’s price action is mirroring that of the 2000 bubble. However, he says that President Trump’s November meeting with Chinese President-for-life Xi could become a catalyst for the sector to turn around.
Going forward, Greg is focused in on the market’s reaction to the midterm elections. Greg sees volatility easing after the elections settle, possibly forming a market bottom into a year-end rally. John and Greg list a few catalysts that could really get markets going over the next two months

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