Thesis: The schooling system is designed to make people emotionally retarded

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by TheBirdmanArises

Kids lack emotional maturity, life experience, and coping tools. When these characteristics are jammed together via schools or situations that lack oversight, conflict will arise. Children are also encouraged to think hierarchically, as they are constantly in the position of needing people to take care of them and to give them guidance and instruction whether it be at home or in school. This develops a “Misplaced Trust in the Design of Heroes Complex”. So when conflict does develop, lacking the tools to change the outcome, it will often play out in a hierarchical or dominance form, as this is what the kids know. This pattern will continue well into high school and just get progressively worse. It will fract out cohorts to their own group – nerd, jock, hot chicks, drama club, etc. Groups that offer less internal resistance as a cost of membership. Until high school ends and there’s great relief and a sense of freedom (one of the signs that school is torturous to the soul). Anyway, all this does is to encourage poor emotional development. Unlike what many teachers will tell you about socialization, school often tends to fuck this whole process up. Probably not the most ground-breaking of theories, eh, as the machine of this process is somewhat self-evident.



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