They are literally admitting: “Vaccine safety remains unclear until millions get their shots”

This is one of the dumbest things we’ve ever done. It can take a decade to evaluate the effects from a new vaccine. Here she even admits towards the end that the places and groups who track the harm from a new vaccine do NOT Talk to eachother or share info . Then mentions they data from lawsuits of harmed people and go off that.

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They are only required to show the FDA two months of saftey data. Most vaccine injuries do not show up till right after that mark.

She also says at the end that the people who will be taking reports and reporting the harm for the new one are the very same people recommending the vaccine and admits the conflict of interest

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This is also disturbing… they mention using the census to roll out vaccine?

Did people forget the H1N1 vaccine roll out? Where people were getting paralyzed…if you aren’t not aware of that…here’s the 60 minutes videos back when people did real journalism.

Part 1: 60 minutes special

Part 2: 60 minutes special


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