They are RESIGNING… Australian NSW Deputy Premier resigns. That’s THREE in a ROW

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Barilaro resigns as New South Wales Deputy Premier!!!

Andrew Constance quit a few days ago.

Before that it was Gladys Berejiklian who is now being investigated for corruption.

The TRUTH has been exposed and they are running!!!!

Clive Palmer from Australian United Party, says Gladys Berejiklian has been doing lobbyists bidding, ie lock-downs, to force clotshots in exchange for not being prosecuted for past crimes/corruption.

The lobbyists have been paid tens of millions to get clotshots into arms by Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

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The government is BEHOLDEN to these companies !

It won’t be long before the truth is exposed on this rat too and he resigns … counting … 1,2,3 …

Dan Andrews will have his people starve to death to get his own way.

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To get his big PAYDAY from the vaccine companies!



h/t Mad Kelly


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