They can see what's on your phone at any time. New proof.

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What we have here is an excerpt from a Rolling Stone article about the Manchester attacks benefit concert on Sunday

“After the show, fans sang Coldplay and Oasis songs en masse as they slowly clamored toward the tram. Hours earlier, some had been chanting, “Manchester na, na, na.” It was a scene of jubilation, not fear.
And it felt incredibly safe. As I made my own way to the tram, I wrote in my Apple Notes app, “Helicopter hovering overhead,” which to me signified that the fans were being watched over. Then two policemen stopped me and asked me who I was with and whether I’d written anything about a helicopter into my phone, without explaining the technology of how they’d read my Notes app. After a friendly back-and-forth, they looked through my bag, checked my ID and business card and determined I wasn’t a threat. “You have to understand, tensions are running high,” one of the men said with a smile and a handshake, allowing me through the gate. Manchester was secure tonight.”
Stingray and Kingfisher
Prevalence (US)
Additional info (Slate Warning)
Bug detectors
Kingfisher surveillance of airlines
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  1. Each day when I look around, I seem to find more and more reasons to be glad I do not have one of these “electronic ball and chains” in my pocket.If needed, I am never very hard to find and if I need help, I still know how to get it.

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