Glenn Greenwald explains media shift against Biden: ‘Democrats are petrified’ he’s going to run again.

The legacy media has taken a hostile turn against President Biden in recent months between questioning his fitness and casting doubt on a reelection bid, but independent journalist Glenn Greenwald believes news organizations don’t necessarily want to take him down ahead of 2024 but rather Democrats themselves.

“The concerns about his cognitive decline emanated not from supporters of Bernie Sanders nor from supporters of Donald Trump, they came from these kinds of inside DC strategists and operatives who in 2019 were petrified that Biden would win the Democratic nomination basically by inertia—through name recognition, from having been Obama’s vice president. And they were deeply worried that he was not capable of sustaining the rigors of a campaign. And they were the ones sounding the alarm in 2019 that he’s not the same Joe Biden,” Greenwald told Fox News in an interview last week. “And he ended up winning despite that and never had to test himself with the rigors of the campaign things to the COVID pandemic where he got to basically just speak from his basement and speak to a few friendly interviewers. So we’ll never have known whether that they were right. They’re the ones who are concerned about it.”

Flashback: Obama tried to tamp down questions about Joe Biden’s mental fitness in 2020.

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Zogby: Base abandons Biden, ‘terrible numbers.’ “A mainly miserable week for President Joe Biden. Terrible numbers. Inflation grew at a 9.1% annualized rate. Wholesale prices grew at a staggering 11.3% rate. His average approval rating is 38%, with just a 33% approval from the New York Times/Siena College poll. That same poll revealed that 64% of registered Democrats do not want him to run again in 2024, including a stunning 94% of those under 30 — a group Biden won by 24 points in 2020.”

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LIFE IN THE BIDEN ERA: Workers are picking up extra jobs just to pay for gas and food. “A tight labor market has pushed wages up across the board — but not enough to keep pace with inflation, which hit a 40-year high in June. That’s forcing workers like Elliott to seek second jobs and increase their hours to pay for their normal expenses.”

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