They Just Planted the Seeds For the Next Financial Crisis! Get Ready For A Crisis BIGGER Than 2008!

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What do you believe is the true holdings of gold of the US government?

Regulations are designed to ensure that a small group of people get to profit and benefit from a controlled system. We don’t get those advantages. So we continuously see more laws and regulations put in place, supposedly to protect us but it’s really just to benefit the chosen few. It never seems to get any better for the bottom 90% of people. What’s really going on?

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Trump signs bank bill rolling back some Dodd-Frank regulations

Trump signs bank bill rolling back some Dodd-Frank regulations

Mortgage rates have been rising at a pace not seen in almost 50 years – Laredo Morning Times

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Turkey’s economy at risk as currency hits record low

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Central-Bank-of-Russia-Gold-Reserves-June-2015-April-2018.png (576×348)

Russian-gold-additions-vs-russian-gold-reserves-2006-2017.png (579×357)

Gold-Reserves-by-Country-Top-Ten-May-20-2018.png (580×362)



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