They Just Released an Updated Version of Covid: Enter the Delta Plus

by Chris Black

Truth be told, I would have expected something more kino, like Delta Lite, but the powers that be went full retard for the Delta Plus story.

Okay, so next year it’s going to be Delta Pro Max, and you’ll have to take triple-booster-shots every 3 months.

These are not serious people.


Yahoo! News:

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A COVID-19 Delta subvariant known as ‘Delta Plus’—which is the unofficial name— is being investigated as it’s made its way into Canada from the U.K.

Although it is not designated as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization, experts say this is a variant of interest, but don’t know if it is more dangerous given how new it is.

“Oh, so contagious “

Has the CDC scheduled the release date yet?


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