They lied about the reasons to go in to Iraq, why wouldn’t they also lie about Syria to get the war they want? — Also this exact “sarin gas” foot in the door was tried in both 2013 and 2016

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The invasion in to syria is a false flag, which may have actually happened, but most importantly was most likely caused by the west or the people they back. Assad would not give reason for international invasion just as he’s 99% done winning the war against ISIS.



Read that 2013 BBC article, and it sounds exactly like the articles we see today in the news.

Each time this exact type of attack happens, we see the exact same rhetoric trying to drag us in to war in Syria. A move that would benefit Israel and the US, but they cannot invade without international semi-approval, or else world powers might start turning on them. They have to create the appearance of a humanitarian crisis, just like the “Weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, in order to get the social approval room to make a move.

Both other times the Sarin Gas attacks happened in Syria, it was at a point where Assad is winning, and thus has no need to do it. Especially knowing it’s a known war crime that WILL bring a response from the US.

ISIS is 99% defeated, and NOW he’s putting this near-certain win in international jeopardy by making a move that could’ve been easily accomplished with a conventional bomb anyway?

The only motive that makes any real sense is that the west caused this event to happen, to get their foot in the door as a pretext to a US/Israel backed invasion.

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You know It’s bad when people are calling it 3 days before it happens;


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