They lied and cheated to get rid of Trump, and should be held fully responsible for the resulting disaster…

Flashback: Time Publishes an Astonishing Story About a ‘Cabal’ and ‘Shadow Campaign’ That Helped Biden Win.


KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Jill Biden Should Be Arrested for Elder Abuse. “The country typically needs to hear from the president a lot in times like this. The problem with having Biden playing the role of president right now is that he is — for a variety of reasons — incapable of inspiring confidence. Obviously, the first of those reasons is that he is responsible for all of this. The other reason is that he is just a broken shell of whatever he once was.”

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THE BANNINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES: Former New York Times Reporter and Lockdown Sceptic Alex Berenson Banned From Twitter.

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