They promised you some money just before Christmas. Hope you didn’t spend it before you got it.

Sharing is Caring!

by uhyeahokwhateva

After a horrible year some families are still trying to make a decent Christmas for their loved ones. The government passed a stimulus with $600 for every good boy and girl. They did it with just a few days left before Christmas. A miracle! Rejoice! You can go buy that PS5 or purchase that Amazon cart. You can make little Johnny and little Rosie the hap-hap-happiest at the end of a shit year.

A few of you sat back.. $600? $600? WTF am I supposed to do with $600? I can’t buy gifts with that. I’m too far behind. Well, then you were told… $2000. $2000 is coming for you! You still have 2 days, you can go spend, spend, spend!! Go ahead, you’ll have $2000 next week. You can make Christmas the hap-hap-happiest time of the year!! Spread that Christmas joy!

Oh yeah, sike. Get fucked. Spend the last of what you’ve got so our big business doesn’t hurt too bad over the holiday that all of the proles went broke. Allow evictions again. Allow unemployment to expire. Withhold any and all help from the people who need it. The saddest part? Haven’t even gotten to the conspiracy theory regarding this yet. While the intent is editorialized, this is the reality you live in if you’re an American. This is the way your 2020 ends.

Now, before you start pointing fingers like a buffoon. Realize one thing.. if you point fingers at one side, you’re missing the bigger picture. You’re looking at the trees, not the forest. I don’t want to hear what the media claimed Jack in the Box said about Jim and Bob and this and that, red, blue, yellow, white, gold, and silver. The bigger part is the whole. The whole shebang took it’s big ol’ dick out and f*cked you. Anybody here that bought into the lie, that gave into the hope, and stretched themselves just that tad bit extra to try and share just a little bit more.. you were taken advantage of and f*cked for being decent.

Now we can talk conspiracies. What does big brother or whoever gain from you being a broke b*tch? We’re going into this dark winter and the majority of American citizens are cash-strapped, tapping savings, barely avoiding homelessness and risking death from some crazy virus every time they go to work. Besides the mental implications, which again, aren’t conspiracy, they’re scientific fact.. what is the big plan here? Covid-21 going to drop it’s new mixtape to kick off the new year? Are they going to cut the power? Flip the internet switch? Put your small business out of bu.. oh wait, we’re past reality, conspiracy talk only I forgot.

One thing’s for sure. Governments all over the world have their citizens suckling at the teet. The 99%. And they have most of these people so brainwashed that they think they have time to argue about who did what. It’s hard to see any form of hope in my own people. That’s how bad it’s gotten. What a shame.

Merry Christmas. In God Money We Trust.




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