They’ve got a bad case of Impeachment Fever.

UNDER THE PRECEDENTS SET UNDER THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION, CONGRESS MAY BE SAFELY IGNORED: Trump Will Likely Face ‘Subpoenas Every Week’ After Democrats Take Over House in January, Journalist Warns.

Julie Davis joined a panel of Congressional and White House correspondents on CNN Sunday morning to discuss the growing number of allegations against Trump, as well as the conviction of numerous top associates. The journalist pointed out that Democrats will be much more enthusiastic to push the investigation forward than their Republican counterparts.

After host John Hill listed numerous investigations already ongoing into Trump’s and his associates’ suspicious dealings, Davis jumped in to suggest there are even more on the way.

“This is not even counting all the investigations they’ll be confronting from the House Democrats when they take over in January,” the journalist said. “I mean, this is a whole other can of worms that they know they’ll have to deal with.”




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