Things are getting REAL BAD over here in Austria

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by DancingShallot

First and foremost, you have to know that I’m feeling absolutely defeated as I’m writing this. It feels like I am fighting a pointless war that no matter how it ends – it will not satisfy me because it will NEVER be like it was before.

Also, English is not my first language, so as long as you can understand what I’m saying – please be nice!

Vaccines are becoming mandatory in Austria around February/May, whoever doesn’t comply will automatically be fined. Their system won’t be running until April though – so police will be checking citizens outside and see if they are vaccinated.

I do have plenty of reasons for why I don’t want to get the jab, but I do not judge anybody who gets it. Still I get referred to as an right-wing extremist and people treat me like I am the reason why all of this is happening right now.

I’ve never had The Rona, wear my mask whenever I have to and have always kept my distance to other people. I have quickly learned that if you don’t do what the higher-ups say, even your neighbours will call the police on you and the cashier will refuse to sell you underwear, because it apparently isn’t necessary.

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Unvaccinated have been under lockdown here for about three months, all we can do here is buy groceries and other basic necessities. And by basic, I mean basic. Stuff like clothing stores, hardware stores etc. refuse you service if you can’t prove you are either vaccinated or have had The Rona in the past 6 months.

The lockdown ends on Monday, but we’re still refused service almost everywhere. At least I can now visit my friends without the fear of getting fined?

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Everybody seems to be brainwashed – globally. If you dare to say anything bad about how this whole situation seems a liiiiiittle bit sketchy on social media, people dogpile in the comments.

Politics are fucked up, too. Not trying to get too specific, but after (I think) 3 differents chancellors in a few months, we finally scored one that wants to turn this country into his own twisted little idea of a police controlled state. Beautiful isn’t it?

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The media is corrupted, too. If you dare to go to one of the many anti-vaccine and anti-goverment demonstrations, because your whole existence and mental health is threatened by those constant on and off lockdowns the past 2 years, you get portrayed as aggressive and national socialist. This is all you see on social media, I’m having a hard time finding news sources that aren’t as corrupt as the goverment.

I can kind of understand why people get brainwashed into this – they WANT to be angry at somebody and second-guessing is quite scary.

I don’t know how this all will go down, but it definitely isn’t going to end well. There is no way back – look at history. It has happened before and while it won’t be completely the same this time, you have the exact same political and social conflicts going on.

It repeats and I am afraid of who will win.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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