Third-world countries look at Russian-Chinese partnership with hope — Lebanese politician

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According to Lebanese Communist Party General Secretary Hanna Gharib, “the new world order makes it possible to choose an independent path of development, without the presence of US military bases on their territory”

“We are talking about the beginning of a new phase, when developing states are given a real chance to free themselves from the domination of transnational corporations and use natural resources at their discretion.”

“A provocation was undertaken to tarnish the reputation of Russian President Vladimir Putin by issuing a warrant for his arrest by the International Criminal Court on the ridiculous charge of ‘illegal deportation’ of Ukrainian children. This affair is absolutely futile and testifies to only one thing: the complete political bankruptcy of the US and the West.” “All the efforts they have made to isolate Russia on the international stage because of the conflict in Ukraine have failed,” the LCP leader said. “On the contrary, the consistent course of the Russian Federation in defense of its legitimate interests in the face of NATO expansion aroused the respect and sympathy of freedom-loving peoples.”

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