This capital protest should be a wakeup call to all Trump supporters, You are being used to further division in this country by the media and establishment!


Yes, being used. Being used to further perpetuate the left vs right corporate and establishment backed war. The more people continue to pick sides, the more the establishment can use it against the people.

Since the media can now brand Trump supporters/right wingers as violent, white supremist, dangerous, etc…

Now they can brand all ideas that Trump supporters advocated for as dangerous ideologies that should be silenced.

This could mean gun rights, free speech, or more.

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No im, not saying that Trump is the shittiest president ever, nor am I saying that all the things that Trump supporters advocate for are stupid. In fact, many principles that Trump supporters support are very noble such as freedom to bear arms, life, liberty, property, etc. However when you combine politics with an establishment figure or organization such as Trump or Qanaon (or on the opposite spectrum Biden, BLM etc), you are already falling for the establishment’s trap which is to divide us.

These leaders and mainstream figures are here to deceive us and divide us

Let us think freely and not side with either the right or the left. Lets have a day when maybe ALL the people regardless of political beliefs storm the capital to end the left vs right bullshit and extreme corruption that goes on in our country, non partisian.


“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”



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