This Election Has Been Bad For The Narrative:

Another surprise: Hispanic, Democratic voters backed Trump immigration limits.

Related: “Why Are So Many Latinos Obsessed With Demonizing Black Lives Matter? It’s Complicated.” “This is an article from October 5th — at WLRN (the Miami NPR affiliate) — that begins ‘Joe Biden is expected to win the Latino vote big. But not so big in Florida.’ With hindsight, we know that the big Latino vote win did not happen. There was, in fact, puzzling drop in Latino voter support for Democrats. Let’s mine this article for some clues about why that happened. Remember, this is public radio.”

Plus: Liberals Envisioned a Multiracial Coalition. Voters of Color Had Other Ideas. To be fair, it was a multiracial coalition in which one race was more favored than others, which didn’t win points with those others. “Asian-American Californians opposed the affirmative action measure in large numbers. A striking number of East and South Asian students have gained admission to elite state universities, and their families spoke to reporters of their fear that their children would suffer if merit in college selection was given less weight. . . . Latinos, too, appear sharply divided. Prominent Latino nonprofit and civil rights organizations endorsed the affirmative action proposition even as all 14 of California’s majority-Latino counties voted it down.”

Minority “activist” groups have views that differ from those of actual minority voters. But when you realize that these groups — just like gay activist groups, women’s activist groups, peace activist groups, etc. — are actually just fronts for the Democratic/left apparat, it makes sense. They have to be concerned, though, that their voters are catching on to the game.

TECH TYRANNY: Silencing Conservative News With A Sick New Tactic — This Is Big. “The call for ‘deplatforming extremists’ wasn’t about something outrageous Milo or Alex Jones had said. It was a template for naming anyone right of Stalin as ‘extreme’ and sending our sites to the chopping block.”

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THE GASLIGHTING CONTINUES: Sanders Claims ‘Nobody’ He Knows Supports Defunding Police.

That they realize they have to lie about this tells you where we actually stand.

GIVE THEM TIME. THEY’LL GET DUMBER:  WaPo tries to use data to prove that the Republican Party is authoritarian and it’s the stupidest thing ever.

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