This ER Dr. Just NUKED Fauci’s Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell! C0VID Death Rate 0.02%, 2017 Flu Death Rate 0.13%

In this ABC news CA press conference, an ER Doctor explains that after extensive testing, their numbers, extrapolated out, show the chance of death from Covid is 0.02% with some hotbeds in NY as high as 0.1%.

He then goes on to explain that the chance of death from the Flu in 2017 was 0.13%.

This PROVES the flu in 2017 was MORE DEADLY THAN COVID.

This is an EXCELLENT video!

The doctor also goes on to explain the secondary effects they are seeing is a SPIKING of the cases of:

Child molestation
Spousal abuse

h/t Vortex66


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