This Giant Infographic Has 140+ Facts on the Scale of Amazon

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by visualcapitalist

This Giant Infographic Has 140+ Facts on the Scale of Amazon

As Amazon continues its takeover of the retail sector, the scale at which it operates continues to impress.

Even going back to late 2016, we examined the extraordinary size of Amazon from a market valuation perspective, to show that the ecommerce giant was worth more than most brick and mortar retailers put together.

Today’s infographic comes to us from 16Best and it continues along that same thread, except this time focusing more on Amazon from an operational perspective.


Amazon has more than 304 million users, and 3 billion products selling on their 11 marketplaces – and every day, 1.3 million new products are added.

The company has a 43.5% market share of U.S. ecommerce spending. It’s no surprise then, that the average customer spends $700 per year with Amazon, and that 34.7 items are shipped every single second.

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Amazon has 45,000 warehouse robots that work in the company’s 77 million square feet of warehouse space. This is equivalent to the size of 1,336 football fields.

The biggest single warehouse is in Schertz, TX, just outside of San Antonio. It’s 1,264,200 square feet by itself, and warehouses this size can ship up to 1 million items per day during the holiday rush.

While Amazon spent $7.2 billion on shipping in 2016, it’s now looking to bring down the cost per unit shipped by using drone deliveries. The company anticipates to have 450,000 drones in its fleet by 2020.


A whopping 64% of U.S. households have Amazon Prime, and it’s worth it to Amazon since those subscribers spend $1,300 per year with them. Impressively, there are 40 million items eligible for Prime, and 8,000 cities where same-day shipping is a possible.

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Amazon Partners also play a big role in the ecosystem. There are 2 million sellers on Amazon, and 70,000 of them have sales of $100,000 or more per year using Amazon as a selling platform.

Why do sellers use Amazon? About 47% of sellers say it’s because it gives them access to new customers, while 65% say it’s to increase sales.

The top five categories for Amazon sellers: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, and Books.


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