“This Goes Far Beyond Incidental Surveillance. This Was Spying on Political Enemies.”

by Pamela Williams
War has been declared on “Deep State’s” political agenda, which goes way beyond incidental surveillance, as they called it.  It was not “incidentally surveilled!”  It was out and out spying on President Trump and his Transition Team in November, December 2016, and finally in January 2017.  They were spied on, because they were political enemies of Hillary Clinton and the Deep State, which is aligned to Clinton.
Susan Rice ordered spread sheets of Trump and Associates!  The powerful public interest legal firm, American Center for Law and Justice has declared war on the “deep state,”  which is considered to be comprised of deeply entrenched politicians, who are using their power to destroy President Trump.  
These are their claims:

  1. The Trump Transition Team was surveilled by the Obama Administration, says, ACLJ’s chief counsel, Jay Sekulow.
  2. Someone in the Obama Administration unmasked the names of those on the Trump Transition Team who were surveilled.
  3. Obama changed the rules in his final days in order to widely disseminate the information.
  4. The deep state bureaucracy leaked the information to the media.

This is absolutely the most down and dirty thing in my opinion that has ever been done in politics.  It has begun the unraveling of our democracy at a root level that will not stop.  Obama and his deep state has set an example that will only be repeated in the future unless “they” are charged and prosecuted.  This is worse than any Watergate ever could be!
Sekulow goes on to say, “an orchestrated conspiracy where the conspirators marching orders come from the highest levels.”  In other words, we are speaking about the Globalists now, the Deep State, and the Shadow Government.  Tell me, how do you fight against these entities…these destroyers of mankind?
Instead of leaving Washington, as most former presidents do, Obama has set up a command center in a mansion a few miles from the White House.  However, at the moment he is on vacation with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Oprah, and David Geffen.  
Since President Trump took office, the information used against him was based on the leaks from the Intelligence Community.  Sekulow goes on to say, “Now we know this goes far beyond incidental surveillance.  This was spying on political enemies.”  Please, everyone, keep this alive and don’t forget those two sentences.
This organization headed by Sekulow is our only hope.  It has gone to court when they could not get information by using the Freedom of Information Act.  A complaint filed this week is against the National Security Agency saying they did not respond within the allowed time limit.  We have to pray that our Judicial System still has some truth and dignity left to respond to these proceedings.
ACLJ wants to know what process allowed the government to change rules to allow for “dissemination of raw signals intelligence information.”  So we can see that Susan Rice was the “gatherer of that information.”  Obama DNI James Clapper executed those procedures, and ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch also helped in the process.  The damage has been done, and these government officials have destroyed our Judicial System…it is worthless now in my opinion.
Further, Sekulow says, “While opponents of President Trump have become emboldened in the wake of General Flynn’s resignation as the National Security Adviser, and while the media has reveled in a frenzy of self-righteous outrage that conceals glee, it is important to observe that his resignation was sparked by leaked information coming from unelected bureaucrats within our nation’s intelligence apparatus, seemingly provoked by their deep distate for the new administration.  Even more ominously, some of these beureaucrats are perhaps motivated by their loyalities to the Obama Administration.”
In my opinion our voting process is no longer relevant or necessary as it is not valid or respected by the government.  What is the point?  The Liberals would have had had no problem or caused hellfire and damnation to reign down upon America if Hillary Clinton had won.  With Donald Trump winning, they are committed to overthrowing him; thus, what good was his winning? If they are in control of the United States, our voting ritual is false and in its grave.  They have won, and what can we do about it?
Sekulow is trying, but will he be able to do anything at all to repare the damage that has been done to the US?  I doubt it.  He is honorable for trying; nevertheless, there is at least some of the remnants left of us:  WE THE PEOPLE are a dying breed.  President Trump will be the last President chosen by WE THE PEOPLE.  He has had to do some adjustments to integrate with what he found inside…what choice did he have?
Sekulow further states, “Today, we are sending our FOIA request to the NSA.  If they do not respond, we’ll once again go back to federal court.  Rice’s conduct is unprecedented.  We will do everything in our power to get to the bottom of what she actually did, why she did what she did, and who else was a part of the conspiracy.  While the purely political nature of the motive seems obvious, the ACLJ is after the evidence that will prove it.”
In conclusion he stated, “Deep state operatives consistently leak selective information – intelligence information, classified information, information that jeopardizes US intelligence methods, sources, and even the very integrity and reputation of the US intelligence community – all for purely political purposes.  I understand that, in Washington, leaking is certainly not new.  But it has never happened at such an alarming rate and with a root system embedded deep and wide throughout the bureaucracy – the shadow government.”
I want to remind you of the following things:

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s treason and being cleared by the FBI.
  2. The total destruction of the FBI by James Comey.
  3. The fact that pedophilia is rampant within Washington elite, but they are not being charged or prosecuted.
  4. And although, Sedulow and the ACLJ are noble and honorable in trying to get to the bottom of this betrayal and the destruction of WE THE PEOPLE, you and I both know most likely they will have their hands tied in the end.
  5. WE THE PEOPLE have been raped and branded as impotent and inadequate to be the voice of the Country we love and fund.  We are merely slaves of the Shadow Government and the Globalist Elites.  This is finally a fact…a truth…not a conspiracy.

Published on Apr 4, 2017
Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. He is an accomplished Supreme Court advocate, renowned expert on religious liberty, a number 1 New York Times-bestselling author, and a respected broadcaster.
Jay Sekulow is an attorney with a passion for protecting religious liberty – freedom – democracy. For nearly a quarter of a century, he’s been on the front lines – working to protect religious and constitutional freedoms in the courts, in Congress, and in the public arena.


40 thoughts on ““This Goes Far Beyond Incidental Surveillance. This Was Spying on Political Enemies.””

  1. WTF? Why are Stories like this still being posted? This isn’t NEW or NEWS anymore. WE are ALL under SURVEILLANCE 24/7/365 since 9/11. Can we get some REAL NEWS STORIES about how this is ALL going to be BROUGHT to a STOP? Now that would be a REAL STORY. I can’t get upset about “Taps” on Trump/Political Opponents et al. When Me/Us average Citizens are being subjected to this IMPROPRIETY/ABUSE 24/7/365. Just Me? Lots of hue & cry over this, while NOTHING is being done to STOP IT! Give US OUR Rights back!
    If all is to believed it’s ALL Putins fault. Yah sure, and I have a brigde to sell you too!

    • cold, I beg your pardon. This is extremely valid timely news that will break the system as we know it. Someone is willing to probe this for the American people. There are many still saying Susan Rice is not guilty….nothing happened out of the ordinary! It did! It is a travesty, and it is the crumbling of our Judicial System before our very eyes….our voter system is no longer relevant! What is wrong with you? If you are not interested, don’t read it ….you stop it!

      • Yawn. Enjoy being surveilled 24/7/365. If it’s good for You & I. Then it’s good for Trump & Co. too. Stop this 24/7/365 Surveillance or STFU. Sounds reasonable to me.

          • Reports? What reports? This is a comment section. How trite of you to think You are the “one” I referred to STFU. Didn’t realize this was Your exclusive domain. Do I know you? Thought not. TTFN.

          • F**king Troll. This woman puts long hours in preparing news for us and your pee brained, fart filled brain gives her adolescent attitude. Get the hell out of here!! ????

          • Your under surveillance as you read/typed your response and now receive notice of this response. That makes You the Troll. Because You feel fine about that. The surveillance that is. Which also make You part of the Problem, not the solution.
            Oh, and I didn’t realize “Casara” was the author of the story above. Thanks for being wrong twice in one response. TTFN.

    • It is news because now there is tangible documented evidence to the extent of their spying. That is pretty important in my book. This was a well written article and I applaud the author /;-D

      • There are lots of “well written” articles about this Surveillance State that has been/is tapping Trump/You/Me & Every World Leader on this Planet 24/7/365. Going back at least 10yrs. now. Nothing has changed.
        Really, I don’t care if Trump was/is tapped. If it’s Ok for Me/You & EVERYONE ELSE on this Planet. Well, it’s just fine for Trump too. Unless you truly believe Putin tricked/was behind MILLIONS of Americans voting for Trump.
        When these articles called out Bushjr./Cheney where was all the concern? To your reason for being so supportive of and in praise for the article above. As, if it’s some sort of World changing revelation. Well, there is another “well written” story for you might also like. It’s Bushjr’s favorite: ‘My Pet Goat”. A story sooo good that he couldn’t bother to get up DURING 9/11!
        If ANYONE doesn’t know by now that We are all under surveillance 24/7/365. Maybe they shouldn’t be in Govt. positions of Power. Wouldn’t you agree?
        Is that the sound of one hand clapping you hear? Yep.

  2. yall are practicing “shoot the messenger”. You can’t handle the message. You can’t handle the truth.
    Our Presidents are not allowed to do dirty deals with foreigners to help them get elected. Trump will go down for this.

  3. “incidental surveillance” like collateral damage, nation building, democratization, “Peace Keeper” missles, etc. is all word spin they want us to embrace hey?
    Something is VERY wrong with our president. This is not the candidate who made wonderful promises of peace and prosperity. It is an either/or situation liar/hostage. Whether it is drug induced or violent threats by the same people who took out JFK, Sen Paul Welstone, and others or an outright physical control of some sort…this is not what was promised. ????

    • It is really a mess I do not understand. I try very hard, as I am constantly researching and watching the video of the day. But the truth is when everything is a lie, and all the wires are crossed….the truth is not there except in the individual’s perception. What I perceived as the truth may not be what you perceive of the truth. Since we spend all our time questioning who is telling the truth and who is not, we cannot possibly know what the truth is. The is why when we think of losing our Judicial system and the process of testifying under oath, that is the closest one can get to the truth, unless one has personally experienced it. I thank God that I am who I am, and I am so happy to say I am a truth seeker. However, the higher you go in this war of Armageddon, and I do not know why I question so much, because I know the real event that is going down is Armageddon…they are all the demi-gods….the fallen angels hell bent on the destruction of those watching as they stage it all. I think I must be a split personality, as I know the truth….I have always known it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27e6a0153f6055d825c7844d33cba7e1c2a3e8a10136a5884e7cc70465c0c3c0.jpg

      • Thanks for this nice reply, I know you are a busy woman.
        “What I perceived as the truth may not be what you perceive of the truth.”
        For most:
        “We accept the reality of the world we are presented.” Christoff from The Truman Show
        There is a key to this you are missing in the idea of “perception” verses deduction or belief. We are quite sure we understand what water is (H2O, one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen.) We know it is a continual process of evaporation, etc. and we find it in rain, rivers, and oceans.
        If one’s “belief” system is at work then it may come from god or aliens or magic or anything one may dream up. If a person’s logical side, the pragmatic brain process is ruling, then it is a simple scientific explination.
        “we cannot possibly know what the truth is”
        So yes we can know what various “truths” are, but they must not be clouded with preconcieved notions or belief systems. This is where the idea of evidence vs faith or belief comes into play. Evidence is the only way to ascertain “truth.”
        The buildings on 9/11 collapsed, this is a truth. Evidence falls in favor of some intentional explosive method and not fire damage from kerosene (jet fuel.) Where the real spin comes in is the identification of the perpetrators. Once again evidence leads to various US and Israelis, not box cutter Muslims. However, here comes the lie, the controled and collusive media, government, etc. put out the conspiracy theory story, bought by most and used as validation of the horrible muder of millions of innocent people for other’s agendas.
        “the process of testifying under oath, that is the closest one can get to the truth”
        Only if one is honest and sees swearing to an invisible creator is in their best interest. It certainly has proven to not be the case for decades for the sociopaths.
        “because I know the real event that is going down is Armageddon”
        Again, that is your belief therefore your perception, lacking any evidence it is mere speculation to a non believer in myth using the scientific or forensic method. Other evidence is more along the line of sociopathic need for world conquest. Who and why? All guesses at this point as many agendas and bad guys are obvious…Jesuits, Jews, The Trilateral Commishion, The Council of 12, Skull&Bones, etc. What isn’t obvious are the hiden hands on the wheel. By their very nature, secret societies are secret.
        “the fallen angels hell bent on the destruction”
        That myth from a book that took 900 years to complete that includes ritual human sacrifice, slavery, infantcide, rape and other abominations deemed OK by this invisible creator, and written by men with Earthly agendas of power and control and based on fear and subservience can hardly be accepted as more than myth lacking any evidence.
        “I think I must be a split personality”
        We all are on some levels. The social and the personal, the rational and the reactive. It is the yin/yang idea of Eastern philosophy. What is necessary of course is to find the harmonious balance.
        “Are you a God?” they asked Buddha. “No he replied.”?”Are you an Angel the?” “No.”?”A saint?” “No.”?”Then what are you?” Replied the Buddah, “I am Awake.”
        My take so far on our present reality is we are being manipulated by brilliant sociopaths and we must always reduce the input of their fear based stories to common sense, if and when we can ascertain truths. Are the carriers really heading to NK or have they gone somewhere else?
        All these diversionary destractions from reality are tools of the magician…look here, no here, no over there. We must focus on putting our energy where it can do the most good snd not be concerned with unchangable events. Putting a half hour of writing to you is my contribution with the hope more will also read this.

  4. Could this investigation be the reason Jason Chaffetz is not running in 2018? He is the head of the committee that is investigating this…. maybe he intends to go to the wall on prosecution …. maybe willing to forego his seat for a prosecution?
    We can dream can’t we? I mean, even if we’re white?


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