This is a flu on steroids, thus will assume 90%+ of the population will get it eventually… out of which , less than 1% will die. But don’t let me stop you from panicking!

by AVD

Add 5G into equation, and just by playing with the frequency .gov gets to kill the most sensitive/pariah in a certain area. Expect this FLU to last years, and just see how small pockets of people die from time to time, just to keep the plebs controlled by FEAR.

Meanwhile, .govs will introduce POWER GRAB LEGISLATIONS like DK for example introducing MANDATORY Chinese Virus Vaccinations (DK just did it 2 days ago albeit with a sunset clause.. so the law expires on 03.2021) even though there’s no available vaccine, but the serfs need to be controlled. Some .govs will even try to give Police the power to enter properties without a warrant on the suspicion people are infected (DK socialist gov tried that but the measure was voted down by the opposition parties)

GOV just moved the goalposts for the FEMA camps to your door. 

But don’t let me stop you from panicking !

The mortality rates are skewed. In most countries ONLY the severe cases that knock on the hospital door are tested. In Spain for example the hospital will send you home without a test if you’re not VERY SICK / IN LIFE THREATENING CONDITION. That’s why % death rate from these socialist countries are so elevated. They only test the ones visibly sick, so obviously a lot of them are prone to die… giving a high mortality rate, even though most of the population will have it and just live with it without knowing.


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