With every passing day, Joe gets more and more popular…

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‘This is a movement’: MORE ‘f*ck Joe Biden’ chants reported in US college football stadiums (VIDEO

It had another outing as the unbeaten Wyoming Cowboys saw off the Ball State Cardinals 45-12 at their War Memorial Stadium, capable of receiving just over 30,000 people.

Despite the seemingly low numbers behind the chants, some were claiming it was already a “movement”.

“This is a movement. Love it!!” said one.

“If I were a politician, I’d be really really worried about growing numbers of young people shouting ‘FJB’,” remarked another.

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“I smile when I see this because I know that vain, vindictive, clown Biden sees it as well and it infuriates him.

“Maybe he should do a little soul searching,” was one of the more strongly-worded observations, which received the reply: “He deserves it”.

Let’s see what Week Four has in store.

VIDEO: More ‘F*ck’ Joe Biden Chants Rings Out at College Football Games

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For the third straight week, college football fans have been heard breaking out in chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” as Biden’s presidency continues to spiral downward in the polls with a wave of crises and scandals such as the crisis on the border, unpopular forced vaccine mandates, a worsening economy, and out of control spending, not to mention the debacle in Afghanistan.

Fans unhappy with Biden’s actions plied the chant at the University of Kentucky on Saturday:


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