This is America’s Future in 30 Years If We Don’t Stop 3rd World Immigration: Racism Against Whites Flourishes in South Africa

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by Chris Black
Today’s news comes from South Africa, where the leader of the Marxist-Revolutionary Economic Freedom Fighters,  Julius Malema respectively, is on the path of changing South Africa’s constitution, so the land owned by white farmers can be confiscated/expropriated sans compensation. That’s what all socialist/communist regimes do when they get the power (wealth redistribution by force), so this is nothing new really for someone who knows basic 20th century history. The  ruling majority party ANC, also marxist/left wing, called for the same thing, i.e. the confiscation of farm land from whites. The vast majority of blacks living in South Africa want revenge on whites after they’ve accepted Marxism-communism. The popular wisdom in South Africa says that white farmers are now the last vestiges of capitalism, which is obviously bad and exploitative and all that leftist nonsense. South Africa has a population of 60 million, of which 8 percent are whites. Julius Malema is known for telling his fan-base to “go after a white man” in the name of “cutting the throat of whiteness.”

As of last week, South Africa’s parliament passed the initiative of seizing all land from white farmers, obviously without compensation.
Wait, it gets even better over in South Africa. They are literally in the midst of destroying themselves in real time now, based on what their Finance Minister said. I thought that was such a dumb statement no adult could possibly make it, but here it comes:
“South Africans are continuing to be poor when we can print more money to ensure that everybody has it. Our people are poor because there is a shortage of money in the country. It’s not the shortage of jobs that makes people poor, it is the shortage of money. We have paper and ink, so we will print more money and give it to the poor, and make all of them billionaires if that is possible.”
-Nhlanhla Nene, head of South Africa’s National Treasury

Turns out you have to be an educated Marxist to be that unbelievably stupid. It doesn’t even matter if the quote above is 100% genuine (to tell you the truth, I have my doubts); the reality is that if they continue down the path they apparently want to be on, they will end up with an inflation rate like Zimbabwe (hardly anybody remembers anymore that Rhodesia used to be “the breadbasket of Africa”) and as much food, toiletries and other necessities as Venezuela, another socialist-communist paradise. Its hard to be that stupid, but they are proving to be up to the challenge. And South Africa use to be able to feed itself and was the only first world nation in Africa…breaks my heart.
Seriously, we are watching South Africa turn into a total socialist shithole right before our eyes. Within 3 years time, they will be completely bankrupt and worse than Venezuela, if you could believe that, since the government have taken over all the farming now. Just as Venezuela is going to turn into a cannibalistic society at the rate they are going, South Africa will be right there with them in a few short years. What a disgrace. Keep in mind this is the same country that portrayed someone who set people on fire as a humanitarian. I wish the leftists in the West had the mental fortitude to pay attention as this happens in South Africa. Sadly, leftists have the attention span of a goldfish and will rely on “fact check” websites when presented with this information, sites that will hide the truth for political purposes, i.e. they’ll give us the tried and true “well they just didn’t do it right” excuse. Or blame it on white oppression a century ago. Keep in mind that South Africa during apartheid had its own space program. Now, after “liberation”, white genocide is all but a forgone conclusion. Despite of what some idealists hope, there will be no civil war in South Africa, only the slaughter of the innocent whites. Why? Because they gave up their right to self defense, and then they gave up the country their ancestors built from scratch to lesser and undeserving men.
If you want to learn what will happen to the US if we follow the path of South Africa via mass immigration from the 3rd world, which will inevitably result in whites becoming a minority in less than 2 generations, I strongly encourage you to watch this video:

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5 thoughts on “This is America’s Future in 30 Years If We Don’t Stop 3rd World Immigration: Racism Against Whites Flourishes in South Africa

  1. We need to start a wholesale, merciless slaughter of liberals out of self-preservation. No bag limit and decriminalize it. We will lose our nation if we don’t, and no, I do not consider liberal’s as human or as possessing souls.

  2. The blacks of South Africa will literally wipe themselves out due to no crops being planted and harvested on lands stolen from white people. The Communist mentality is not for the little people….but for the overlords who live in luxury while the little people literally starve and die. The blacks are a violent race and this will only make them worse…and they will probably murder every single white person in South Africa. This is Communism….pure and simple…and if America does not wake up soon….something like this could happen here…the libturd Communists already have tried to erase our country’s history by taking down statues of white people and having the Confederate flag banned.

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