This is an ode to all you warriors out there, who are fighting so hard for the truth. The day is fast approaching that our battle shall be won. Until then, know that our beloveds look down upon us crying tears of heaven.

Tears Of Heaven
There is a soft rain,
Tears of heaven,
Angels in pain,
Tears of heaven,
They fall to earth,
Tears of heaven,
We give birth,
Tears of heaven,
Father knows why,
Tears of heaven,
His beloveds cry,
Tears of heaven,
As we die,
Tears of heaven,
They all know,
Tears of heaven,
How our story will go,
Tears of heaven,
We discover,
Tears of earth,
We carry each other,
Tears of earth,
The hard rain falls,
Tears of earth,
His voice calls,
Tears of earth,
The cruel winds blow,
Of Armageddon,
It is then we know,
Tears of earth and of heaven,
The battle is now,
Tears of Earth and of heaven,
We took the vow,
Before our birth,
To cease the pain,
To end the reign,
Of the fallen son,
The evil one,
As the Savior,
Takes His place,
Joy ends sorrow,
Yesterday is gone,
Sun of tomorrow,
Dries the rain,
No more tears,
End of fears,
The battle won,
Resting in His son,
To weep no more,
On heaven’s shore,
As above – so below,
It is so.
By – Pamela Williams